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In Ukraine, land appears to be one of the main assets for business. Constant changes in the field of land legislation, the introduction of new norms and the ambiguity of judicial practice with regard to their practical application require high-quality legal assistance in the field of land relations.

The land law practice is closely related to the provision of our services in the field of "Real Estate, Construction, Development" and "Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries".

Specialists of the “LBC Partners” law firm provide advisory and professional legal services on the field of land legal relations:

-  Preparation of consultations and conclusions on land law.

-  Legal examination of documents certifying the rights to land.

-  Development and support of agreements on acquiring land rights, registration of rights to land plots.

-  Contractual practice in the field of land legal relations (purchase - sale, lease, donation, servitude legal relations, etc.).

-  Performance of a legal audit (due diligence), when purchasing land lots of different intended purpose.

-  Acquisition and legalization of land for construction, amendment of designated purpose, compliance with urban planning documentation, impropriation of a cadastral number.

-  Support for the allocation and lease of land plots for the construction of commercial and residential real estate.

-  Acquisition (redemption) of land plots of state and communal property.

-  Analysis of land dealing and land title to land plots when buying and selling agricultural enterprises.

-  Representation of interests in court session in resolving land disputes, judicial practice in the field of land relationships in general, economic, administrative courts of all instances.