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Legal services provision in the field of real estate, building construction and development is one of the major line of LBC Partners practice.

Our team provides services to all entities of this business area: investors, construction project owner and construction companies, developers, sellers and buyers, entities in retail area, landlords and tenants, financial market participants at all stages of construction, acquisition, sale and management of commercial, residential and industrial real estate.

The lawyers of the company will also assist in the organization of real estate transactions, legal structuring of real estate investment agreements, in addition, they will advise on the application of the most optimal financial and organizational models of investment in real estate and building construction area.

We offer:

- implementation of legal audit in the field of real estate and building construction (due diligence);

- legal support of all stages of building construction, audit of the construction process and analysis of authorization documentation;

- services provision for obtainment authorization and licensing documentation necessary of building construction and real estate operations (construction activity licensure, setting to work, designation change, legalization, redevelopment, reconstruction, etc.);

- organization of sales agreements (Case Invest program), representation of clients' interests in making transactions related to real estate objects;

- organization and support of agreements on the real estate purchase, in particular, from public markets, on the goods exchange, via factoring and cession of rights, objectionable real estate, release from pledge, derestriction, etc.;

- consultation and legal support of introduction, running service of present-day financial mechanisms of investment in building construction (investment funds and securities, construction financing fund, credit mechanisms and instruments, mortgage finance etc.;

- acquiring and legalization of land plots for building construction, advising on legal status operations with land plots (designation change, impropriation of cadastral number, purchase-sale, lease, etc.);

- contractual work (framing of sale contracts, contracts of exchange, lease, mortgage, servitude, design, work and labor, contract documentation on communications and Infrastructure, other contract), as well as the maintenance of negotiations on their conclusion;

- judicial practice in real estate and building construction area in economic, administrative, general courts of all instances;

- full - service supportĀ  of development projects, development of investment programs and contracts, mechanisms of investment and joint activity.