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Provision of high-quality legal services in the field of financial markets is one of the most significant professional achievements of “LBC Partners” law firm, where we have considerable experience.

LBC Partners lawyers have significant experience in the State Regulatory Commission of Financial Markets, supporting of the financial industry of the economy, law-drafting activity on related issues.

We provide our services to financial markets’ investors, financial institutions (financial companies (loan, factoring, leasing)); insurance companies, to managers of Construction financing fund; pawnshop; non-governmental pension fund; asset management companies and investment funds, in particular, to corporate (Corporate Investment fund), dealers in securities and custodian; to companies for currency exchange and funds transfer, banks, economy real sector entities, and other legal and audit firm. 

Major lines of our practice in the financial markets are following:

I. LBC Partners is a leader in the organization and transaction support of purchase – sale agreement of financial industry companies of economy. Within the Case-Invest program – Financial industry , we provide:

- Provision of services for the organization and targeted transaction support of contract of sale of fiscal institutions.

When providing services within the Case Invest programFinancial Industry, we offer:

- Organization of acquisition and sale of companies of economy financial industry, negotiations on the request of investors and owners of financial institutions on the basis of price parameters and others.

- Legal audit (Due Diligence) of the company before the acquisition, verification of company documents.

- Support the approval of acquiring of substantial shareholding in a financial institution.

- Preparation of documents for re-registration of corporate rights of a financial institution.

- Support of a complex of regulatory issues when acquiring a financial institution (registration procedures, stockholder capital, change of name, change of information about the company in the authorities that regulate the relevant business activities, obtainment additional licenses, training specialists, etc.).

- Reengineering (reorganization) and advising on the commencement of activity of the acquired financial institution.

II. When providing services “on the basis of turnkey establishment” of financial institutions ( financial industry companies of economy) – “Financial services – start” program, we offer:

- Consultation in the matter of creation of judicial status, regulatory requirements for financial institutions.

- Registration of financial institutions, support for the creation of nominal capital, organization of audit and receipt of necessary audit opinions, training of certified specialists and fulfillment of other regulatory requirements for obtaining the status of a financial institution.

- Preparation of sets of documents for entering the company in the State Register of Financial Institutions, obtainment of licenses for the provision of financial services; support.

- Consultation in the matter of financial intelligence organization.

- Organization (registration) of issuance and flotation of securities, relationship with the custodian of securities and the National Depository Center, membership in self-regulatory organization (SRO).

- Consultation at the initial stage of the newly established financial institution.

III. When servicing the current activities of financial institutions, we offer:

- Organization of contractual practice, taking into account the specifics of the legal regulation of the financial institutions activities.

- Support of financial institutions relationships with business entities of the real sector of the economy, consumers of financial services.

- Consultation in the matter of financial institutions operating standards, requirements for financial transactions, assets and reserves, taxation, financial intelligence, currency regulation.

- Consultation in the matter of corporate management and law, including requirements for financial institutions.

- On-retainer legal support of financial institutions.

- Representation of the financial institutions’ interests in the authority in charge of government regulation and supervision on the financial markets.

- Judicial protection of financial institutions interests and consumers of financial services in courts of administrative, general and economic jurisdiction.

IV. Training center “Financial markets”.

Constant changes in the legal regulation of financial markets, the development of new technologies, types of financial services and products, considerable experience of LBC Partners law firm in this business segment led to the creation and supply by us the following:

- Conduction open seminars and training programs for participants of the financial services markets on topical issues of legislation and practice of its application, specifics of the activities of certain types of financial institutions and types of financial services, new regulatory requirements, taxation and reporting, new types of financial services, products and technologies.

- Conduction corporate seminars and training programs at the request of our clients on current issues of their activities in financial markets.

- Implementation of methodological activities to summarize the practice of legislation appliance in the financial services markets, preparation of comments on legislation, questions and answers, recommendations, electronic and printed publications.