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Legal support of business in the field of environmental management and enterprises maintenance and investors in agriculture, forest management, fish industry is an important line of “LBC Partners” company practice.

Legal arrangements for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, output of products with high - added value, attracting European and world investors with advanced technologies and support of their activities are to be the priority for our work in the above areas of business.

The legal support issues for associations of enterprises and entrepreneurs (sectoral and territorial) of agriculture, forest management and fish industry have an important significance in our work.

We offer:

I.In the agriculture field:

- Support of investment projects in agriculture.

- Legal services for investors and agricultural enterprise, food and processing industries, service and other enterprises (agronomical, suppliers of plant protection products, feed, etc.).

- Legal structuring and reorganization of agrarian business.

- Support of financial transactions in agriculture: lending, leasing, insurance.

- Organization and support of transactions for the export of agricultural products.

- Support for legal issues in the implementation of operations with agricultural land.

- Tax consulting for business entities in the field of agriculture.

- Legal consultancy and support of activities in the sphere of production of ecologically clean products and biotechnologies.

II.In the field of forest management:

- Professional participation in legislative work, forestry reform projects, development of private forest management.

- Consultation on legal regime and usage of forest fund lands.

- Support of legal issues related to subsoil use on the lands of the forest fund.

- Legal support of forestry enterprises, hunting farms, contractual practice, foreign economic activity.

- Ecological and legal issues in forest management.

III.In the field of fish industry:

- Support for investment projects in the field of fish industry.

- Support for legal issues of lending and insurance in fish industry.

- Legal support of current economic activity of fish industry enterprises.

- Consultation and support for authorization documents obtainment in the field of fish industry.

- Consultation in the matter of legal regime of waters, aquatic biological resources and water fund lands.

- Consultation in the matter of environmental and legal issues of the activities of fish industry entities.

Within “Case – Invest” program, we provide services related to the organization of transactions for the purchase and sale of current business and assets in the field of agriculture, forest management, fish industry, enterprises of food and processing industry; support transactions with agricultural land, agricultural land banks.